Sunday, October 28, 2012

Extra Long Prayers

Is it just me, or do other mothers with rambunctious toddlers find it really hard to keep them reverent when the sacrament meeting prayers are extra long?  It doesn't actually bother me when people give long prayers.  I just feel bad for everyone in the room when my child is squealing because he doesn't want to sit still and fold his arms anymore.  Plus, we sit in the very front and I'm pretty sure there are special sound amplifiers under our seats.

But let's be honest... my child doesn't want to sit still in church ever, so I'm not sure that shorter prayers will do a whole lot to tame that beast.

It also never fails that this same insane child of mine will bang his head and/or face on the pew in front of us during his aforementioned thrashing.  Today, it happened twice.  And the bad mom in me comes out and tells him, "I told you so." He still gets a kiss to make it all better, though.

I just have a crazy toddler.  So, I'm sorry about him drowning out your prayers, no matter how long they are.


Jordan and Amanda said...

I was just thinking today how having a second kid has basically ruined my peaceful sacrament meetings. Not that they were that peaceful before, but now if one child isn't jumping down the pew, the other one has decided it's mealtime at exactly the wrong moment (like, when I have to play the organ). And yeah, any prayer longer than abotu 10 seconds is too long for Clara. Church used to be so simple...

Julina said...

I can totally relate! Mya has started saying really long prayers all the time, so maybe my other kids will get used to her prayers and be able to more calm at church. Lol. Not likely, but I can dream. :)