Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Conversations With A Two-Year-Old

So, I was just texting a couple of pictures of James to my father-in-law when James came up to me, looked at my phone & recognized himself.  The following conversation occurred...

James:  James!  It's James!
Me:  Yes, that is a picture of James.

Seizing the opportunity to teach him a thing or two, I proceeded...

Me:  Can you say Anthony?  James Anthony.
James:  James Ann-a-nee.
Me:  Good job!  Can you say Tertipes?
James:  *mumbly mumble*
Me:  James, say ter-TEEP-iss.
James:  *concentrating look*  ...  James!

And that's why we gave you an easy first name, kid.  Keep practicing. ;)


Kimberly said...

Olivia talks about Thomas the train all the time, now I'm just trying to convince her its part of her name too!

Tiffany Tertipes said...

That's awesome about Thomas because we keep trying to tell James how the red "choo-choo train" is named James, too!