Sunday, December 16, 2012


While talking with my fabulous mother-in-law earlier this week, she reminded David and me that we should be writing down all of the hilarious things that James says and does.  Here are a few of the hilarious (to us, anyway) things that he says...

*  *  *

James is really good at identifying animal sounds.  We'll ask him, "James, what sound does a [insert animal] make?" and he'll reply truthfully.  Here are a few of his favorites:

"James, what sound does an elephant make?"
Makes a raspberry/horn sound with his lips.

"James, what sound does a donkey make?"

"James, what sound does a Tyrannosaurus Rex make?"

"James, what sound does a hippo make?"
"Hi, Hippo!"

... Yea.  He came up with that one all on his own.

*  *  *

He loves to play "Where'd James go?".  Usually, he'll cover his face with his hands or a towel or he'll just squeeze his eyes shut really hard.  When we ask "Where'd James go?", he'll show his face (or open his eyes) and yell, "There he is!"

*  *  *

For the past couple of weeks, he's been asking for random food at random times of the day.  Most recently, he started asking for "mash 'tatoes" at about 10:30am.  He'll also tell me that he wants chicken and peas for dinner throughout the day so that I don't forget.

*  *  *

When it's time for his afternoon nap (which is at about noon), I'll tell him that it's time to go upstairs.  Recently, he's started asking, "Take a bath?" even though he's never taken a bath in the middle of the day.  When I tell him that we're taking a nap, not a bath, he'll ask, "Brush a teeth?", to which I have to tell him that we already brushed his teeth and that we don't need to brush them again until bedtime.  Then he'll go down for his nap.  I don't know why he has to ask this every single time, but it's been going on for a while now.

*  *  *

His favorite things to do include...

"Check a mail!", or checking the mail.
"Play owside!", or play outside.
"Help a mommy, puzzle!", or getting help putting together his trickier puzzles.

*  *  *

His favorite things to obsess over include...

"Rodney Queen", or Lightning McQueen
"Checko Newly", or Francesco Bernoulli  (from Cars 2)
"Choo Choo Train Thomas", or Thomas the Tank Engine

*  *  *

And just to round things off nicely, here is a picture from James' most recent nap time shenanigans...


Kimberly said...

My parents kept a great record of all the funny things we said and we read our "isms" every year on our birthday. We pretty much have them memorized by now, but its still so much fun!!!

Jenny said...

He's my new favorite kid!!!!! "Hi hippo!!!" Love it!!!!