Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So This Is Christmas...

I am really excited about the fact that we are here in Ohio near my family for Christmas!  Spending Thanksgiving with them was wonderful and I'm sure that Christmas will be just as fabulous.

My mom, Bonnie; my brother & sister-in-law, Tony & Jen; my little family.

I'm actually quite proud of myself.  I've had my Christmas shopping done for a couple of weeks now.  I mailed out Christmas packages to David's family as well as all of our Christmas cards last week.  Everything is wrapped and just needs bows and ribbons on them.  (I think I'll wait until Christmas Eve to do that so that the curly ribbons don't get flattened from all of the presents sitting on top of each other in a pile in our bedroom.)  Our tree is up.  Our stockings are hung.  I rock out to Christmas music most days and indulge in a Christmas chick flick most evenings while James is in bed and David is still at work.

Do I sound like I'm bragging?

It's okay if I do, because I am.  And I feel like I can legitimately do that since I'm not that awesome crafty mom who makes Christmas quilts for everyone, reindeer-shaped treats and sings perfectly in-tune carols to all of her neighbors.  I'm the mom who cheers when her child is dressed, properly fed and doesn't kill himself performing various stunts.

When I'm on top of things like this, a little bragging is bound to happen.  ;)


Lisa Summerhays said...

Brag away my friend. As SAHM's I think I good brag about your accomplishments at home is completely acceptable. No one sees anything you do except your family...and sometimes they don't notice either. :) So impressed.

Jessica Havican said...

I feel the same way!!! Yay for getting things done early so we can just sit back and enjoy the holidays. i didn't have that last year so I was so happy to have everything ready. I'm not crafty at all so the fact that I put garland and lights on the banister is good enough for me.