Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This Sickie House

For the past week, we've all been one brand of sick or another.

Last week, David started feeling unwell.  Naturally, it just got worse and both James and I started to come down with whatever David had on Saturday night.  I didn't want to infect every child in our ward, so the three of us stayed home from church on Sunday.  (I wasn't at all sad about missing Rebellious Pants Day, either.)

James has been a trooper, even though I know he hasn't felt well.  He's been fine in the mornings, but once he wakes up from his nap, he'll start to get a fever and feel lethargic.  Poor guy.

Our sore throats are still lingering, but we're mostly getting better.  (I hope.)  Well, other than the fact that I think I developed an ear infection this evening.  I've been deaf in my left ear since about 6pm and all I can hear is the ocean waves and the echo of my own voice in my head.  I don't think I've had an ear ache in about 5+ years, so I'm hoping this will go away soon.

That's all from our neck of the woods for now.

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Jessica Havican said...

Boo! Sickness just won't seem to leave us alone either. Lost my voice on Tuesday and I'm singing in church this Sunday. :( If you can't get your hands on antibiotics put a couple drops of essential lavendar oil on a cotton ball and tape it to your ear over night. Should help with the infection.