Thursday, January 10, 2013

This Past Week

This past week hasn't been terribly awesome or horrible, but it's been a bit of an adventure.

To start things off, we had to replace our car tires.  And since we own an SUV now, and not just a little car, tires are much more expensive.  Apparently, three of our four tires had nails in them.  How does that even happen?  We figured that we either ran through a spillage of nails somewhere or that our neighbors sabotaged our car.  (We sent a letter to our rental agency in November to complain about their loud music, so we thought they might've figured out that it was us.)  We're pretty sure it's probably the former, but we have no idea.  Luckily, we had an extra full-size tire for a spare, so we were able to get away with replacing our two rear tires and putting the spare on the third one on the front.  We just need to wait a couple of weeks until we can get the other two replaced.

Then, yesterday, I went to heat up some leftover chicken nuggets for James when I realized that our microwave wasn't heating up.  It was running as if it was fine, but I'd take out his nuggets out and they were stone cold.  David played around with it and realized that it was dead.  Super.  So when my mom got off of work, we went out and bought a new microwave.

We are also pretty sure that our DVD player is going out, which is awesome because we definitely needed another expensive thing to replace.  (At least this one isn't a necessity.)

Bleeding money isn't the only thing we've been doing, though.  Plenty of good things have been happening.  David has applied for a bunch of jobs at universities in the area.  Most of the jobs are for technical or administrative support.  Since that's what he did for BYU for all four years that he went there, we're pretty sure that he should be able to get a job at one of these schools.  Plus, if he does, he will most likely get tuition credit that will help us with getting him his Masters degree.  We're just waiting to hear back now.

James has been learning to spell and sing.  He spells words everywhere we go now.  He doesn't know what he's spelling, but we tell him, so I'm sure it won't be long before he starts remembering words.  He can recognize and spell his own name, though.  We've also been listening to Primary songs on David's phone each morning.  James loves to carry it around, and sometimes sing and dance to it.  Here's a video of him enjoying one such song.

We are also excited because we will have two little nieces this June!  My brother and his wife are expecting a little girl, and we've known about that for a while.  However, we just found out last week that David's oldest brother and his wife are also expecting a little girl.  Their due dates are only a day apart too, so that's exciting.  We definitely need more girls in this family!

That's all for now.  More updates (and videos) to come.

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