Thursday, February 28, 2013

Singing Sensation

I know that I told you that I would blog everyday in February.  At that, I have failed spectacularly.  Mainly, it was because I failed to take into account the fact that we'd be in Illinois for nearly a week.  As an added bonus to our vacation, all three of us got sick while we were there, but I got the worst of it.  (That's pretty unusual.  I'm normally the healthy one who gets to take care of everyone else.)  Once we got back, I still wasn't really feeling like doing much of anything, so no blogging happened.  Then I just became complacent.  Now it's the last day of the month. :)

However, to reward you for your patience with my unreliableness, I shall show you a video.  It's James, naturally, and he's singing I Love To See The Temple.  If you know the words, you can pick out what he's saying, even though his singing style is a bit crazy.  I tried to get him to sing another song, but he started making up stuff at that point.

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