Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting Better

At least, we hope that's what's happening.

Things have been a lot smoother this week than they were last week.  The funeral is over and David has been feeling quite a bit better.  He's still weak from not having eaten much last week and the fact that he has to take it slow with what he can still keep down now, but we're moving forward, so that's good.

Other than that, I've gotten back on track with my reading goals.  I got derailed during March and April for reasons mostly unknown.  I think part of it was the fact that the book I was stuck on, Emma, was 580+ pages and I hit a really boring section in the middle, so I lost my motivation to read for a while.  I only planned on taking a small break from it, say for like a week, and then coming back to it, but that week turned into about six or seven.  Oops.  I picked it back up about a week and a half ago and was finally able to finish it.  It really is a good book, with the exception of the boring handful of chapters in the middle.

I've decided to start reading The Hunger Games again.  I was going to wait until closer to November to reread them, since that's when the Catching Fire movie comes out, but I was feeling really in the mood for them right now.  I think I might pick up the Ender's Game series again too, since the movie is coming out on November 1, just before Catching Fire.  I'm pretty excited about both of those right now.


Jenny said...

Funeral? What happened??

Tiffany Tertipes said...

My aunt passed away. I wrote about it my post just before this one.