Sunday, May 5, 2013

Some Weeks

Some weeks are definitely better than others.

This past week has been ten shades of exhausting.  When people post stuff on Facebook about how they've had a really busy or exhausting or otherwise event-filled week, I usually don't give it a second thought.  Everyone has crazy weeks at some point or other, right?  No big deal.  Unless I know of a specific event that truly justifies their claims, I usually assume that they're blowing it out of proportion, at least a little.  (I can't be the only one who does that when they're tired.)

From now on, I shall cease to judge other people's "I've had a long week" postings, because I have truly had an insanely long week.

"So, Tiffany, what happened to make your week so long?"

Well, I'm glad that you asked...


David stayed home from work because he wasn't feeling well.  For those of you who don't know, my husband suffers from ulcerative colitis, which means that he has ulcers in his colon and intestines.  Absolutely no fun.  He had a flare-up, his first one in almost a year, because we had to switch medications on him and the new one wasn't working.  We had an appointment with our family doctor because we needed a new referral for a gastroenterologist for David because his current one wasn't cutting it (which is another long story for another time) and our family doctor wanted to see what was going on with David before he could refer him to the right doctor.  He prescribed David something for nausea and something to help with stomach acid to keep him from getting sick.

It wasn't too horrible at this point, but it's only Monday, so you know that things only went downhill from here.


David had an appointment with his new GI.  He got two more prescriptions from him.  (Here, pharmacy, take all of my monies.)  He felt okay enough to go to work that afternoon.

Later, I found out from my mom that one of my aunts passed away earlier that morning.  She was only 58 and had been struggling with cancer since last fall.  Also, her husband (my uncle) had just passed away last January.  Sad times all around, especially for their two sons who are both within 5 years of my age.  Since this was my mom's step-sister, she was given bereavement leave at work so that we could go to her funeral.

Also, later this night, David came home from work feeling even worse than he did on Monday.  I could tell that he was warm, so I took his temperature, which turned out to be 101°F.  Thankfully, Wednesday was his day off and we were hoping that he could get better before having to go back to work.


He got worse.  Aside from all of the nasty side effects of this flare-up, David wasn't able to eat anything at all.  He spent all day in bed and was barely able to keep down the water that he drank in order to take his medication.  I felt so terrible for him.  His fever didn't get any better either.  Since he was on so many new meds, I didn't want to risk anything by also giving him Tylenol for his fever, so I spent the better part of the afternoon on the phone with our pharmacy, leaving messages for his doctor and calling the Nurseline in order to make sure that he wouldn't be made worse by taking something for the fever.  He was eventually okayed to take the Tylenol, which helped a bit, but he still couldn't eat anything.


David was feeling even worse still, so he stayed home again.

Mom and I also made plans to go to Zanesville, which is a little more than an hour away, for my aunt's funeral.  Her calling hours were on Friday and the funeral service was on Saturday, which meant a lot of driving for us over the next two days.

David finally got so weak that he eventually decided that he needed to go to the hospital.  Technically, this was at 2am, so I guess it counts as Friday, although we never actually went to sleep because David was having problems staying asleep, so it felt like a very long Thursday.  My mom came over to stay with James while we went down the street to the hospital.


At about 7am, we got home.  They gave David some fluids and pain killers, which helped him a lot. We were able to sleep once we got home.  My mom also came back and got James once he woke up so that we could sleep.  That was a huge blessing!  We ended up being able to sleep until about noon, at which point I forced myself to get up because we still needed to drive to Zanesville that evening for the funeral calling hours.  My mom was even so awesome as to pick up another prescription for David while I was getting ready.  David was feeling well enough from being at the hospital that I didn't feel bad for leaving him alone all evening.


David felt well enough that he went to work again.  Mom and I went to the funeral service in the morning and were able to make it back by David's lunch time, at which time I picked him up from work, as he was still feeling really weak from not eating anything for the past week.

* * *

And that, my friends, is what our week has been like.  We all are pretty wiped out from all of this and have been completely lazy today.  I feel like we've earned it.


Sarah Ragatz said...

This wan't the best post to speed read. I started with your updated post saying the funeral is over. I stopped there and figured I better read what I missed. I was nervous skimming since it was all about David being sick and getting worse as the week progressed. When I started to really worry, I opted to slow down and actually read what was happening. So, so, so glad David's better!!

Tiffany Tertipes said...

Oh no... I can see how that would be scary! I didn't even think about it that way!