Saturday, May 25, 2013

That Kid of Mine

For reasons unknown, my child did quite a few things today that I found adorable or amusing.  I thought I'd share those with you.

Breakfast at IHOP
This morning, we all went to IHOP for breakfast with my mom, my brother Tony and my sister-in-law Jen.  James looked at the kid's menu and decided that he wanted pancakes, which he continued announcing to us until the server came to take our order.  Then, unprompted by anyone, James turned to her and said, "I want some pancakes."  I decided to order a breakfast that came with french toast and pancakes so that I could give the pancakes to James, keep the french toast for myself and avoid spending $5 on something that could quite possibly be thrown onto the floor.  When they brought us all of our food and the server didn't hand anything to James, he turned around and asked her, "Where are my pancakes?"  Clearly, he'd ordered pancakes and wasn't given any.  (By the way, he did get his pancakes.)

Shopping at Target
David had to go to work after breakfast, but the rest of us ran a handful of errands together, mostly in preparation for Tony and Jen's baby, who is due in a few weeks.  One of our stops was Target.  While Tony and Jen were at the customer service counter making an exchange, I walked across to the dollar section with my mom and James.  My mom saw a pinwheel, decided that she wanted to get it for James and handed it to him.  I showed him how to blow on it and make it spin, which he did for a few minutes.  Then, right as Tony and Jen were walking back to us, he shoots his arm out in the air, pinwheel in hand, and shouts, "Expelliarmus!".  He continued to do that randomly throughout the entire shopping trip.  We all got a pretty good laugh out of that.

Shopping at Babies R Us
This was another one of our stops.  While we were there, he saw the cool toddler beds that were shaped like race cars and trains.  He got pretty mad at me when I steered him away from them, so Uncle Tony promised him that he could get out of the cart and look at them if he was a good boy while we were shopping.

Here he is, living it up in his little toddler dream land.  He still threw a bit of a fit when we actually had to leave, but it was so cute watching him explore everything.

Picnic Lunch at Home
After all of our shopping was done, we (meaning my mom and James and myself) came back to our house to have a little lunch and to let James play outside for a while since he'd been dragged around all morning and half of the afternoon on our shopping excursions.  James was nibbling on his food here and there as he was playing, which was fine by me.  Then, out of nowhere, he sits down at the patio table, picks up one club cracker from his lunch, takes one bite, sets it down, picks up another cracker, takes one bite, sets it down... you get the point... until he's bitten each cracker one time.  Mind you, he was quick and precise about each bite.  After he lays down his last bitten cracker, he immediately jumps up from his chair to go play.  It was the most randomly hilarious thing, but it was probably one of those "you had to be there" moments, so I'll forgive you for not being as amused about this as we were. :)

That's pretty much it for our day, except for the part where James broke the baby gate to the stairs, but that wasn't amusing, so I won't share that.

I think I have the funniest, strangest kid out there.

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