Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just Too Cold

It is far too cold outside for us to live in such a small place.  Other than going grocery shopping, we have hardly left the house.  It's causing my child to become a crazy person.  I've tried doing all sorts of activities, we've watched Frozen about 4,000 times (since that's guaranteed to get him to settle down) and we've even rearranged parts of the house.  Nothing works for very long.  Well, nothing except watching Frozen.

The worst is days like today, where it is deceptively sunny and fabulous-looking outside -- apart from the snow on the ground -- but it is actually like this:

Why, Ohio?!  Why do you tempt me with your sunshine, only to punish me with your cold and piercing winds?!

And since James has taken to blowing his Weenie Whistle at full strength while running in circles around the living room, I think it's time to get off of here and possibly bust out Frozen again.

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Jordan and Amanda said...

This is so hard! When it gets really hot in Phoenix, we go to Macdonalds play places. I try to go at a time of day when I don't think other kids will be there and find one in a nicer part of town where there are lots of old people (which is fairly common in Phoenix, Ohio might be different). We also do a play group at the church once a week with some other mom friends which is a LIFE SAVER, but you need a key to the church. Anyway, good luck, you have my sympathy!