Monday, January 20, 2014

Why I've Been a Horrible Blogger

It's been six months since I've blogged about anything.  If you care about the reasons why, then this is the post that you're looking for.

Basically, these past months have been some of the very hardest months in our little family's life.

For starters, back in June, David had a job interview at Amazon in Seattle.  As many of you know, we've been doing everything that we can to find David a suitable job in the Seattle area so that we can move there.  This interview went wonderfully and the interviewer indicated that David was well qualified for this position and sounded very positive about their interview.  Additionally, there was more than one of these positions available.  We also didn't hear back from Amazon for a while, which, according to a friend of David's who has a similar job at Amazon, that was a good thing; meaning that if they didn't want him, they would've told him no right away.  We felt very good about this position and possible move, until a couple of weeks later when David heard back from them about how he wasn't going to be hired.  It was a pretty big letdown, but we were able to deal with that.  After all, there were better jobs out there that he was more than qualified for, so we were trying to look on the bright side of things.

Then, a few months later, right after we got back from a relaxing anniversary weekend getaway, David lost his job at Time Warner.  I didn't blog about it because I didn't want to get into the personal details of it, and I still don't, but suffice it to say that there were some unscrupulous, less-than-legal happenings on their end that we were having to deal with.  David threw himself into job hunting - for jobs here and in Seattle - and two and a half months later, he finally found a filler position making significantly less and driving twice the distance to work each day.  Nevertheless, it was something, so he took it.

Amidst this mess, we've been dealing with secondary infertility for that past year and a half.  I haven't mentioned it to many people because I found that I was still feeling too bitter and angry to let people into that sensitive part of our lives.  I know that I've come a long way emotionally in dealing with this, so I can finally blog about it without seething pain or frustration into every word that I write.  And David's job loss meant a loss of our benefits as well, which meant that we couldn't get the tests and such that we needed.

However, on the bright side...

Things are starting to look up.

We're still looking for jobs in Seattle, but with a little less gusto than before, because David was just hired at Ohio State.  His first day of work there is actually tomorrow and we are both very excited.  He'll be doing technical support for the university, which is exactly what he did at BYU for four years, and he absolutely loved that job, so he's thrilled. With this job will also come even better benefits than he had at Time Warner, which means that we can finally go to the reproductive clinic and get some answers.

I hope this didn't sound too much like a downer post, and I promise to be much more uplifting in the future, but I wanted to put this out there so that our friends and family know why we've been so bad about sharing our life with you recently.  Now that things are looking up a bit, it's a lot easier to write about it.

And I am making it my goal to post more.  So, if you don't see something for a couple of weeks, come smack me.


Michael Brewerton said...

Good to hear an update. :). We have been going through very similar things with job stress and infertility. Keep on going girl! Things will start to look up eventually. Keep counting those small blessings. By the way, I love how your blog is organized. Wish I was any type of tech savvy and could make mine look cooler, I have no idea. :)

Megan T said...

Wow it has been a trying time period for you guys. I am sorry to hear so many trials hit at one time. I am glad things are looking more positive and hope that being able to go to the clinic will bring answers to help your family grow. We will keep you in our prayers!

Megan said...

Same thing happened to me a year or so ago. I stopped being able to write when my father passed. Sometimes I can just write about what is going on with the kids. But I can't write anymore about how I'm feeling or what I am thinking.

Were rootin' for you guys.

Kaylynn said...

So sorry to hear about your struggles, but I'm glad things are starting to get better... I hope it continues!

Jordan and Amanda said...

So much crappy stuff just doesn't seem fair to happen all at once. :( I'm really sorry, Tiffany, I have really missed reading your writing. I think about your family often and Jordan and I will be praying for further relief in trying to grow your family. I just think you're awesome, and I hate it when hard things happen to awesome people.

Jordan and Amanda said...
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