Our Love Story

The Story of How We Met...
          ...as far as I remember it correctly.

DAVID: As I remember it, I first really met Tiffany at church. I had been living in Provo for only about 3 weeks and didn't really know anybody, so when I went to church I sat off to the side by myself. I've never really been one to make friends very quickly and I wasn't going to sit next to someone I didn't know. Then at church one Sunday, about my third week in Provo, Tiffany asked if I wanted to sit next to her, rather than be off by myself. I said sure, why not, and sat next to her. And I haven't moved from her side since!
Tiffany became a person that I knew at church and at church activities, so I started spending a lot of time with her and we did a lot of things together. I began to really like her, but I'm kinda slow, and was willing to just be her friend and spend a lot of time with her. And as we spent a lot of time together, people began to ask me if we were dating or not, and I honestly didn't have an answer. I was of the opinion that I would like to date Tiffany, but I wasn't sure if she wanted to, and so I waited. Then I asked her one Sunday, after church, Easter Sunday I believe it was, we were cooking a meal together, and I mentioned that a lot of people had asked if we were dating yet. I brought it up mostly to gauge her reaction, to see if she would be keen on the idea. And apparently she was! The next evening we took a walk around town, and had that wonderfully crazy conversation "So, are we dating yet?" "Do you want to be?" "Sure!". And that's how it was.
We'd been dating for 3 months or so when we took a road trip together to Seattle, where I grew up, and spending a whole week with Tiffany, each day was a reassurance that I really liked her and that she was simply amazing. The more I spent time with her, the more I wanted to spend time with her. And so I began to plan a way to ask her to marry me. I decided to wait a few weeks, to get things organized, and so that I could ask her on her birthday, to make it special! So, on her birthday, I took her out to dinner, and then we took a walk, to the same place we had gone when we started dating. I gave her some flowers, a birthday card, and a ring. And I asked her if she would marry me, to which she, of course, said yes! And every day since has been a wonderful reassurance that it was the right decision, every minute I spend with her proves to me that I really want to spend the rest of my life and more with her. She truly is amazing.
"Ich liebe sie weil sie ist wie sie ist, und weil ich bin wie ich bin wenn ich bei ihr bin." (I love her because she is how she is, and because I am how I am when I am with her.)

The REAL Story of How We Met...
          ...because I definitely remember it correctly.

TIFFANY: I actually first met David at a ward Family Home Evening activity, which he still swears to this day that he really doesn't remember meeting me at. :) It was probably about a week before I invited him to sit next to me at church. As a ward, we were going to the park just down the street from our apartment complex to see a free local play performance. David & I rode in the same vehicle with another girl & I met him at that time. We didn't spend any time together during the show, but after it was over, we sat in the car waiting for our ride to get back & chatted for a little bit. David, of course, doesn't really remember any of this. But I did see him the following Sunday at church & that was why I invited him to sit with me when I saw that he was all by himself. And like he said, he has been sitting there ever since. :)
I started spending a lot of time around David & his roommates, just hanging out, playing games & getting to know them all. It didn't take me too long to start liking David, but I could tell that he was a little bit shy & that if he was interested in me too that it was going to be a slow process. And I was right. We started hanging out consistently starting in late August or early September of 2007. It wasn't until November when I decided that I would ask him to "do something" with me to see if he would get the hint. We went to a BYU football game together (his first football game ever, actually) & had a lot of fun. And things just got better from there. When we finally started dating, it was the end of March; four months after that first date. And that four months was time well spent. We became really good friends in that time. We discovered that we had the same strange quirks and pet peeves and that we liked similar music and had the same sense of humor.
The more time I spent with David, the more I wanted to be around him. And to echo his words, our trip to Seattle that following June confirmed to me that spending my life with him would be the best decision that I could possibly make for myself. We vaguely talked about getting married on our drive back from Washington, but he had made it clear that he needed some more time to make that decision, and that was fine with me since I was in no particular hurry to rush into that sort of thing. So when David proposed to me on my birthday, I was completely shocked. But it was the best kind of surprise, because I find myself falling in love with him more and more every single day.